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Northside Youth Offerings

With grant funding from Folwell Neighborhood Association, Our Neighborhood Works and The City of Minneapolis Partnership Engagement Fund we have been able to continue to offer and expand our youth employment program. We currently employ six Northside youth in our Food Share program. We are excited to offer them work experience, pay and mentoring. Some of our youth employees have been with us now since January of 2022.  

With the addition of $20,000 of recent grant funding from the City of Minneapolis we will be collaborating with the Webber Camden Neighborhood Organization to offer a youth internship program as an entry into employment with our organization. Students will be able to start with a one month, 6 hour a week internship and then once that is complete they can apply to stay on for additional employment with The Camden Collective. We will provide more information about how to enter this program in September of 2023.

We are also a Step Up employer with the City of Minneapolis. This summer we are hosting two 14 year old interns and one 16 year old intern and we expect this to be something we participate in on a yearly basis. 

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