Our Mission

Strengthen Northside self-reliance and community bonds by empowering neighbors to serve each other for our common good. 

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col·lec·tive| kəˈlektiv:

Involving all members of a group; forming a whole

What We Do

We are a group of like-minded people collaborating on how to serve and bring access to resources to the Camden community in North Minneapolis. The Camden Collective brings together neighbors to serve neighbors. We also provide a space for other organizations and people who want to support our mission with their time and resources.

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Youth Development

We support Northside youth through employment, mentoring and life skills development.

The Camden Collective Community

Community Events

We provide opportunities for our community to gather and create lasting bonds.

The Camden Collective Food Share


We facilitate a food sharing program for our neighborhood. All are welcome.

Our Vision

The Camden Collective is not just a physical space and organization. We're also a collective that finds creative solutions, empowers youth, and builds community.

Food Volunteers

Creative Solutions

A supportive structure for neighborhood passions and ideas to come to life.

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Youth Empowerment

Innovative opportunities and support for neighborhood youth.

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Community Building

A space where neighborhood connections are built and maintained.

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4150 Dupont Ave. N
Minneapolis, MN 55412

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